Winged catamaran

Summer season is getting closer which means that many people are already preparing themselves for a long vacations somewhere close to water resorts.
15 March, 2019
Today let's review one of the most unusual and futuristic catamarans that promises to offer an incredible comfort and speed while being compact and easily transportable. Unique aluminium hydrofoils and a special design of the hydro-aerodynamic hull of the Quadrofoil Q2 have revolutionized the industry, creating the next generation of watercrafts.

Produced by the Slovenian company Quadrofoil, the eco‐friendly, emissions-free Q2 is a two‐seater, battery powered watercraft. This catamaran is definitely a game-changer as being compact thanks to the aluminium alloy the vessel sits above the surface of the water, suffers little resistance and can reach a top speed of 25mph (40km/h) and has a range of up to 62 miles per charge of its battery. It's a seafaring coupe, with two faux-leather seats, steering-wheel-mounted acceleration and brake controls, a touchscreen display on the wheel, and a hollow fiberglass hull that the company claims is "unsinkable." The lightweight modular hull is made from composite materials and "was inspired by the best of three worlds: super fast trimaran speed boats, incredibly agile air fighters and super responsive race cars."

Image: Quadrofoil
One of the most remarkable parts of the vessel's body is its unique c-shape hydrofoils. Popularly referred to as wings, the c‐shape hydrofoils allow the Q2 to rise above the surface of the water at just over 12 km/h (6.5 knots) and cut through the waves with complete ease. Special aluminum alloy is exclusively used in the construction, making the foils extra light, super strong and highly corrosion resistant. From the top to the winglets, each part of our hydrofoils was specially designed and crafted to follow the natural dynamics of water in order to provide optimum control and stability.

With an impressive radius of only 7 meters (23 feet) the catamaran allows its users to enjoy even the sharpest turns on water. Due to its battery powered electric motor, the Q2 does not produce noise, waves or emissions, making it the perfect choice for your next adventure. All four hydrofoils and the electric motor are detachable and can be stored in the van or the back of a car. The hull can then be easily lifted on the trailer, just like any other boat.

Image: Quadrofoil
Another outstanding part of the vessel is its Formula 1 inspired steering wheel with a color touch screen display. Its intuitive user interface provides the control over the quick-responding Q2. The display provides all important information right at your fingertips and the best part is that it looks like some technical device from a James Bond movie.

Image: Quadrofoil
While the Quadrofoil can be used for seafaring journeys, it's still designed for use in bodies of water that are at least 3.3 feet deep with maximum wave swells of 1.6 feet, so lakes, ponds, rivers, large swimming pools are the best option for the vessel.

Banner image: Quadrofoil