When windows matter

What is an idyllic retreat for city-dwellers who wish to get away from it all?
13 May, 2019
French-based company Lumicene knows the answer – a housing module with panoramic windows amidst wild nature that eliminates the boundary between interior and exterior for an unforgettable experience.
The Lumipod Prefab Cabin is a 183-square-foot circular shelter. The Lumipod is equipped with a 5m diameter Lumicene window made of curved glass which is set in strong aluminium frames sliding between two rails, allowing the interior space to be opened, or semi-opened, into an outdoor space. The aluminum profiles are with thermal breaks and all RAL colors are available. The shelter is wrapped with planks of burnt wood in order to blend into the surroundings. The interior is lined in plywood and features a bathroom, wardrobe, and a bedroom.

Images: DesignBoom
Despite the fact that the interior space can boast only an area of 17 square meters, users will not get a feeling of claustrophobia thanks to the cylindrical shape of the cabin and high ceilings. The special design solution provides smooth air circulation and visual contrast – Lumicene engineering team says that at the moment this project is the most successful in the series of their natural cabins created specifically for tourists.

The module's visitors will not find it difficult at all to enjoy privacy. Equipped with the most modern devices the cabin has smart and wide curtains that hide the inner space from prying eyes.

Images: CGarchitect
The concept behind the project aims to enable people to reconnect with the natural landscape.

In addition to that, the Lumipod also intends to impose as little as possible on the landscape. The unit is therefore built from two modules resting on four screw piles to minimize the impact on the site, and the exterior is clad in charred timber so as to not stick out amongst a natural setting. Designed and exclusively being manufactured in the French city of Lyon, the entire cabin can be assembled within 2 days and delivered to any worldwide location in 6 months. Lumipod is customizable inside and outside with numerous types of finishing materials so that can be tailored to the requirements of the end-user.

Images: ArchDaily
The Lumicene's team has now a goal to design a completely off-grid version of the Lumipod by exploring new technologies in appliance and bathroom fixtures, which they hope to deliver by 2020.
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