Transport in a backpack

Shanghai HiMo Electric Technology, which specializes in the research, development and production of two-wheeled electric vehicles and is committed to setting the trend in smart, eco-friendly vehicles, has launched one of the most compact yet practical transports - the H1 mini-foldable e-bike.
25 April, 2020
Thanks to its extreme foldability, the bike can be easily fitted not only in the car, but even in a backpack, or under a work desk. It is light, yet durable and strong and can be carried with just one hand easily.
The cutting-edge foldable design was carefully crafted by the team professionals to serve the riders needs both folded and unfolded.

"We wanted to bring our riders the safest and most enjoyable e-bike riding experience possible, so we have equipped HiMo with the most robust materials we could find. HiMo H1's durable aluminum alloy frame, responsive digital braking system, and shock absorbent 7-inch tires ensure a safe, smooth, and comfortable ride," its creators say.

They claim that the aluminum alloy frame ensures durability even during the toughest rides. Combined with a scratch-proof paint coating, it's sure to withstand the users adventures!

The e-bike also as a removable 7500 MAH battery and LED lights. It can go up to 18km/h and has 30km mileage, plus has a 180W brushless DC motor, rear-wheel drive and a stable power system. HiMo's user friendly removable battery is easy to charge and maintain and at just 1.8kg, the battery is convenient for anyone to insert and remove.

Being a compact type of transport, this e-bike, thanks to the materials used, is also a really eco-friendly option ideal for short daily commutes.

The bike has been in R&D for two years and its design won the German Reddot Design Award 2019. This is the company's second e-bike, after releasing the Xiaomi Himo C20 in 2018.

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