The most reliable desk

While millions of people in the world are getting used to the new pandemic reality, which presupposes working and spending leisure time at home, they have started to search for ways to make their working place more comfortable and agile.
22 May, 2020
However, this desire has been one of the main driving forces for those, whose live is directly connected with computers, for pretty long time already. Those who need a powerful computer for their favorite activity and/or work have been searching for ways to make their desk the most convenient yet practical thing possible.
A desk that functions as a computer itself — sounds like something written on pages of science fiction books. Today, this is a part of the life of advanced gamers. And thanks to aluminium alloy used, it has become a little more comfortable. We are talking about Lian Li introducing the DK-05F computer desk to the world.

This unusual tool can accommodate 2 full-size E-ATX systems and 8 storage devices at once. In general, there is room for any components a person needs. Even with the cooling system, a user can experiment: either air or liquid.

While looking really stable and solid, the desk is really agile and easy to transport thanks to the main material used. The desk is constructed from premium aluminium, according to Lian Li, with height adjustment available via silent yet powerful motorized legs. The table height can be changed from 689 to 1175 mm using the control panel and the built-in electric drive in the DK-05F.

The top glass panel is made from 8mm thick tempered glass with a button to switch it between glossy and transparent when the user wishes to do so.

The front panel itself not only looks cool, but also has controls for system lighting, noise levels, visibility, and height. There's also the fan control button which offers four different pre-sets that range between full speed and silent, depending on what a person is doing. An RGB button offers up seven lighting modes or the choice to synchronize with the motherboard. Apart from that, the DK-05F provides one USB 3.1 Type-C port and 3.55mm audio jacks.

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