Sustainability can be stylish

How often do you drink coffee? And have you ever thought about where do all the capsules go after being emptied? Nespresso always develops new creative ways to recycle and reuse its aluminum packaging.
22 August, 2019
This time this world famous company is partnering with Swedish socially responsible bike brand Vélosophy to produce a stylish bicycle made from recycled aluminum coffee capsules, demonstrating both brands' commitment to sustainable business approach.
A Swedish company within the framework of collaboration have released a limited edition city bike Vélosophy 1000 Re: Cycle. The color of the model echoes the rich purple hue of the capsule Nespresso Arpeggio with Arabica from South and Central America. Designers repeat the coffee theme in accessories: the bicycle bell is made in the form of a coffee capsule, and in the basket on the handlebar there is a holder for a cup, which will allow a user to enjoy your favorite drink on the go.

1000 limited edition RE:CYCLE bikes made from over 300,000 recycled Nespresso Arpeggio capsules are be available on Vélosophy's ecommerce platform.

Images: Nespresso
It is widely known that aluminium is one of the world's most valuable resources, because it can be reused infinitely. Designed to highlight the potential of recycling Nespresso's aluminum capsules, RE:CYCLE is aimed at encouraging consumers to consider how they can make a positive impact.

Jean-Marc Duvoisin, CEO of Nespresso, said: "Through our collaboration with Vélosophy, we're illustrating to coffee lovers the potential of recycling their aluminum Nespresso capsules. By using recycled capsules to make beautiful bicycles, Vélosophy brings sustainability and style together to create a truly meaningful experience, bringing to life the importance of recycling.

"We have been inspired by working with Vélosophy, and I hope the RE:CYCLE bicycle inspires people to recycle," Jean-Marc Duvoisin added.

Jimmy Östholm, CEO and Founder of Vélosophy, said: "We created Vélosophy with a clear purpose: to have a positive impact on the world. This purpose drives everything we do, from our promise to give a bike to a schoolgirl for every Vélosophy we sell, to producing our stylish city bikes from recycled aluminum."

"I see in Nespresso a strong commitment to sustainability, which is why this has been the dream partnership. We are proud to have co-created a bike that takes on the future. It is beautifully designed, responsibly sourced and sustainably produced," he added.

Banner image: GQ