Nothing to go to landfills

Handmade, cruelty free, green, 100% vegan, high quality and ethical – all these characteristics are inherent to LUSH – one of the biggest sustainable cosmetics brand in the world.
13 July, 2019
Apart from creating widely popular eco-friendly beauty products, LUSH is going one step further to help reduce plastic waste by creating lipstick refills and an aluminium casing for that.
Last year the company surprised the world of makeup lovers with the solid range of forty new lipsticks coming as 'naked refills', which means that they're covered in a peelable wax to keep them fresh and clean, and can easily be inserted in any kind of lipstick holder. With such an approach, the lipstick leaves nothing harmful to go into landfills.

This year the company is ready to offer even more. Cruelty-free giant LUSH has come up with a reusable, fully recyclable, plastic-free lipstick casing for its 'zero-waste' lipsticks.

Image: Lush
The Refillable Lipstick Case has a vintage design inspired by classic 1950s make-up and is made from aluminium and brass, 40 percent of which is recycled material.

To use the case, a person just needs to peel the black wax tab at the bottom of a naked lipstick refill. That it is necessary to push the slider on the side to the top and firmly push the lipstick into the case, holding it by the colored wax portion. Then the rest of the peelable wax can be removed and the slider can be pushed back down.

"In the mass market we are currently the only cosmetics brand selling these zero-plastic, vintage design, aluminum, and brass lipstick cases," LUSH said in a statement sent to Plant Based News.

The packaging was produced by the Aptar Reboul - the entity of the Aptar group that specializes in metal packaging, and particularly in lipstick packaging. It is one of the signatories of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation's New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and is committed to an ambitious environmentally-friendly approach.

"Every year, 800 to 900 million lipstick tubes are sold worldwide, most being made of plastic or containing plastic derived elements that are difficult to recycle. According to Lush, 25 billion tubes are thrown away in England every year. This is inconceivable for the brand, which advocates a more ethical cosmetics consumption, and presented a challenge for Aptar Reboul, who was invited to come up with an environmentally friendly solution," explained Aptar Beauty + Home.

Image: Lush
"We discovered Reboul at the last PCD trade show in Paris; it is one of only two companies in the world with the technology and experience needed to manufacture them on the scale we needed," highlighted Lee Carpenter, Lush Creative Packaging.
Banner image: PlantBasedNews