More than practical

Aluminium is cherished by hundreds of architects and designers thanks to its unique qualities. It is light, corrosion-resistant and can serve as a good "climate control" system.
12 March, 2020
However, is it only practical? The answer is "No". Its shiny touch and ductile qualities make aluminium one of the most attractive materials for decorations and main building parts.

Good example for that is the Bvlgari Resort Dubai - one of six exquisite hotels and resorts from the Italian luxury goods brand. Situated on Jumeirah Bay, a man-made island, the sunny property is a typically sophisticated design from Milan-based architectural firm Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel.

Expressing the theme of "Mediterranean village", designers presented a luxury resort complex comprising of 101 rooms and suites as well as 20 villas on the shoreline with private pools and beachfront terraces. Each room comes with elegant designer touches such as vintage trunk minibars, handcrafted Italian furniture and silk-covered walls.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of this 52,000m² development is that hotel building is animated by the lively pattern of the facade's coral-like sunscreens and a careful selection of materials. The cast intricate shadows onto the main building, creating unusual patterns and complementing the elaborate balcony design. They guard overlapping wooden terraces that open the resort up to sensational views

Rare materials like Iranian green onyx and Mongolian black granite were used throughout the interior, complemented by displays of Bulgari pieces and nautical artworks. Wide and blooming gardens with Mediterranean flora surround the resort.

Apart from "monumental" materials, designers also used more modern, practical, but no less sophisticated one -aluminium, which finishes the whole luxe approach. Many aluminium building systems were specially created for the building, including windows, doors, lift and slide doors. All of them complied with all the required characteristics: minimal proles, with essential design that allows continuity between inside and outside; natural materials (such as oak wood) are perfectly combined with aluminum cladding which is resistant to all atmospheric agents for the outside – works as some kind of climate control. Aluminium window systems enable residents and visitors to enjoy spectacular views of the exotic city while being incredible convenient and good looking.
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