Merging with nature

USA became a home to one of the most sustainable buildings in the world.
2 May, 2020
The architectural firm Bryanoji Design Studio has built an eco-friendly house with its facade wrapped with numerous mill-finished aluminum shingles. The main material chosen for the outer design works perfectly for saving on heating and emphasizing the surrounding scenery.
According to Dezeen, the house was built in the rural town Princeton, Massachusetts. It is basically located right in the woods, which is why it was so important for the building to become one with nature. The cladding is made from 90 per cent recycled aluminium and is combined with insulation and Energy Recovering Ventilation (ERV) to help reduce the house's energy use, as the firm notes.

Images: Dezeen
Thanks to aluminium used, "the house becomes one with the landscape, reflecting continuous gradation of surrounding colors, adding a sophisticated poetry to a simple life in the woods," Bryanoji Design Studio said.

Images: Dezeen
The house is one-story building, divided into two spaces. One part combines a kitchen, living room and bathroom, while the other contains bedrooms for residents. As the building was created following the global trend for eco-friendly designs, inside sustainable materials are also used everywhere.

Images: Dezeen
The interior of the building (floors, walls, ceilings and rafters) is cladded with plywood and oriented strand board, and the decor is made of recycled materials. For example, in the kitchen, the cabinets are made from plywood sheets from old construction scaffolding. Recycled bleacher seats have been converted into lightning objects

All in all, the unusual design, which perfectly reflects the sustainable ideas, can find its place in the list of the "greenest" buildings in the world.

Banner image: Dezeen