Lifesaving aluminium

Aluminium constructions are not only durable and stable.
5 December, 2019
One of the main advantages of aluminium in the building and construction sphere is that it is lightweight and, owing to that quality, it can be quickly installed. Apart from that, it can take different shapes and effectively solve the most unusual design puzzles. One of the great examples of how aluminium can gift a life changing makeover to a building is the design solution found by "We Made That" for the 1960's library in the southeast London, "East Street Library". Thanks to bright red aluminium construction, which holds a name of "East Street Exchange", the public space became bigger, got an additional meeting and co-working space and, in fact, "a new lease of life".

The newest brightly colored aluminium construction was created as part of full renovation of the library in Walworth. It contrasts with the existing building and attracts attention to the important public space.

"East Street Exchange" will provide a "much-needed" affordable meeting place for community groups in the area.

Images: Dezeen
"Located at a significant civic corner, East Street Library is a well-used public library facing underinvestment ahead of long-term relocation proposals. It was identified that much more could be achieved with just a little more space," explained "We Made That".

"The bright red extension pokes out into the street from the existing building and appears markedly different from its surroundings to suggest the new functions contained within."

The striking red facade of East Street Exchange was created using anodised aluminium. Anodization is a chemical process that makes aluminium more durable, and allows it to be dyed a different color.

On the top of the construction, a perforated tower was created also from aluminium. It can be additionally illuminated at night, making the library stand out from a distance.

"We Made That" also punctured the extension with a large corner window, glazed doors and internal screens that maximize daylight within the space, while creating a connection with the street.

Images: Dezeen
"It's great to see a library extended, with additional community functions created within, rather than the usual news of libraries being closed," said Oliver Goodhall, co-founding partner at We Made That.

Banner image: Dezeen