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Red and White Fleet from San Francisco, North America, is ready to present the considerations and some of the major results of operating an innovative and outstanding hybrid-electric propelled sightseeing vessel which is a fully electric fleet. The greenest large excursion boat in the United States with the aluminum monohull and a lithium-ion battery-electric hybrid propulsion called Enhydra was revealed last September.
13 February, 2020
According to the company's report, its sightseeing boat has delivered fuel savings of around 35% compared to a steel ship with conventional propulsion by using an aluminium-hulled, hybrid-electric vessel.

The 39-m vessel carries up to 600 passengers on an hour-long voyage around San Francisco several times a day. Its Cummins generators and Corvus 160-kWh energy storage system give Enhydra nearly 600 kW of power for the trips.

Red and White Fleet president Captain Joe Burgard said the company wanted to build an inspirational vessel with the most up-to-date, progressive technology, and the finished product had to be more economical than typical vessels performing similar services.

"The hybrid-electric propulsion represents around 10% of the capital; we needed to see a return on that investment," Captain Burghard said at Riviera Maritime Media's Maritime Hybrid & Electric Conference in Bergen, Norway according to the

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"Our primary saving is in the fuel costs and we are seeing 30-35% fuel savings" versus a conventional steel-hulled vessel, he said.

"A lot of the fuel savings is from the aluminium hull design as it is a light material," Captain Burghard said. And its is not a surprise as aluminium displaces only a third of the water volume of steel.

The battery system is in charge of the rest amount of savings, he explained. "During operating hours, the vessel's internal combustion engine only works around 50% of the time," based on the vessel's operational profile.

Enhydra's batteries are charged from a shore facility overnight and during idle periods by the diesel generators throughout the day. "Enhydra can do an all-electric cruise for one hour," said Captain Burgard. The generators use diesel sourced from renewables to minimise the emissions and environmental footprint of vessel operations.

One more important features, that should not be forgotten, is the quietness of the all onboard systems which is reached thanks to using electric propulsion. This characteristic adds a lot to a passenger comfort.

"On the rest of our vessels, operators use auditory input for the engine controls, but Enhydra is quiet, so they need to have indication from the motion and instruments," he explained.

The 39-m LOA aluminum monohull vessel with a 9-m beam was designed by Nic de Waal of Teknicraft Design in Auckland, New Zealand. All American Marine (AAM), which built the vessel, partnered with BAE Systems to design and integrate the electric hybrid system.

Red and White Fleet says "An environmental consciousness is part of the company's DNA, infiltrating every vertical of the business". Apart from using Enhydra, Red and White Fleet also implements various sustainable practices on a daily basis in order to reduce the amount of energy used and waste produced throughout the working day. Red and White Fleet shares its goal of zero pollutants by 2025.

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