Dragonfly hyperscooter

Throughout the past several years, the world has got used to the term hypercar, which is typically used to refer to high-tech, innovative car models with impressive price tag. However, what does the hyperscooter term mean?
14 January, 2020
London-based transportation company, D-fly Group, is ready to answer this question by unveiling the world's first high-quality and -performance hyperscooter. The electric Dragonfly scooter was specially designed to deliver a never before seen riding experience, remarkable construction characteristics, state-of-the-art technology, and high-end design solutions. The representatives of the company claim that their e-scooter is "bringing 'automotive grade' manufacturing, advanced materials, cutting-edge engineering and technology to the micromobility sector."
There are plenty of features that make this scooter so unique. First of all, all material chosen for the construction are premium: carbon fiber, 7000 series aerospace-grade aluminum, and paulownia wood. This choice was elaborate and was aimed at ensuring durability and stability of the personal transport. Apart from that, automotive-grade led headlights and turn signals additionally distinguish Dragonfly's unusual aesthetics while increasing its riding safety.

Images: New Atlas
The scooter has a powertrain with dual motors and a top speed of 61,2 kph, traction control to give each wheel 1,800 watts, and a generous amount of torque. A long-range battery pack of the hypertransport can be upgraded to be able to run for up to 45,9 kilometers of range.

To increase the steering ability of the scooter, the designers took inspiration from the F1 racecars. As a result, D-fly's patent-pending full tilt technology comes as an innovation. The three-dimensional tilt and twist controls form a responsive and intuitive connection with every move.

Images:New Atlas
A rotary-control system allows for intuitive one-hand acceleration and braking. The dual independent suspension system keeps every ride smooth. In the Dragonfly's four-wheel model, four-wheel steering and dual-wishbone suspension allow for a tighter turning radius and incredibly precise control.

The e-scooter has a lot of digital assistance that make the riding experience even more enjoyable. For example, its 4k display provides instant access to various apps, allows riders to pair the Dragonfly's sound system to a phone via Bluetooth, and can display GPS directions from a paired device.

Images: New Atlas
"At D-fly group, we knew it would take something radically different to really push the needle on mobility," says Jez Williman, founder of D-fly group LTD. "The dragonfly hyperscooter is the sister to the supercar, and we're very proud of that. The future's arrived in style."

The product has taken three years in the making and is now available for the global pre-order with the first limited edition launching in summer 2020.

Banner image: New Atlas