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What do aluminum and high fashion have in common? A suitcase from a joint capsule collection of two well-known brands: Dior and RIMOWA.
28 February, 2020
A stylish and durable accessory made of aluminium covered with the signature Dior Oblique pattern is part of the year's spring / summer collection of Dior Men x RIMOWA. Created together with Kim Jones, artistic director of the Dior Men, the capsule luggage collection is a delicate fusion of old and new, of legacy and a keen sense for what's around the corner.

The entire Dior and RIMOWA capsule collection was first showcased to the public in late October 2019 with an incredible staging inside the new Dior boutique on the Champs-Elysées. The luggage collection was presented alongside a silver-colored helicopter customized for the occasion. Unique down to a cockpit designed in grey and blue aluminum and decorated with the same Dior Oblique motif as the exhibited suitcases. The grandiose installation invited visitors to share the love of Kim Jones of travel and renew the art of movement together with the designer.
For Dior Men's summer 2020 collection, artistic director Kim Jones has decided to commemorate the idea of constant evolution, investigation and creation of art.

Featuring the RIMOWA's iconic aluminium casing, and the Dior Oblique motif, the special capsule edition collection uses an innovative combination of anodizing processes: colorful pigments are inscribed directly into the product's aluminium skin, lending the design a high complexity of reflective, lasting colors that celebrate the spirit of the material as the building block of the collection.

One of the items in the Dior and RIMOWA collection is the Personal, RIMOWA's well-known amenity kit that's been reconceptualised into a small additional bag for personal belongings. Each piece is carefully made-to-measure and always goes through a series of tests to ensure quality, durability and stability of the final product.

RIMOWA first presented its iconic aluminium luggage in 1930s and since than it has gained a pretty vast group of admirers. For a frequent traveler, aluminum luggage can possess numerous advantages thanks to the unique qualities of the chosen material. It often becomes a lightweight solution which ensures quick flight changes and more convenient traveling experience as its flat, geometrically symmetrical sides, which keep their form, make stacking the bags an easy task when utilizing a luggage cart.

Another advantage becomes obvious when traveling to wet climates, as the aluminum luggage may prove more impervious to water leakage and moisture than other types of luggage. The tight fit of the components along with the quality seal can prove to be a valuable trait of aluminum luggage in a wet area.

The strength of the luggage ensured by its metal casing will provide the resistance to crushing, denting and other forms of luggage mutilation. Style is another positive factor when considering aluminum luggage. The aluminum bags remain popular year after year, making them a good choice for the traveler who wishes to appear experienced and trendy. Especially, the latter advantage works for those who are planning to purchase a special collection of Dior&RIMOWA.

Banner image: AUGUSTMAN