Clouds on the ground

As kids, we all dreamt about playing with the weightless clouds – jumping on the white "pillows", sliding down a "sky fluffy ride".
22 July, 2019
While this is impossible due to physical laws, New York design studio The Very Many has built a white orbed pavilion in Charlotte, North Carolina with bulbs shaded soft blue and pink inside, which looks like clouds on the ground.
Pillar of Dreams is an eight-meter high structure made from two layers of thin aluminium, perforated and layered one on another to create an intricate airy form.

The Very Many designed the project as a "cloud-like formation" that rejuvenates the plaza of the newly renovated Valerie C. Woodard Center, a county building that houses a number of departments and local services.

Pillar of Dreams is made from nine hollow legs that support a mass of differently sized globes situated close to each other.

The orbs seem to be "filled with air". However, this unusual effect is achieved thanks to using lightweight materials as the construction is made of a continuous structural skin of three-millimeter aluminium that is 11,000 meters long.

Visitors can get to the structure from sidewalks that cut across the property and pass through the design, allowing people to walk up underneath the pale shell.

The unusual construction is white outside, but inside it features a beautiful gradient of sky blue and soft peach and pink hues inside.

"From a distance, the structure strikes a soft tone, but the viewer can still register the pulsing glow of the gradient within," said The Very Many.

"The intensity of color grows as one nears the pavilion and finally envelopes the viewer upon entry."

Numerous differently sized patterns are situated across the two thin aluminium parts, which form an intricate design when layered on top of each other.

Special perforations add some air to the design as the thinner parts look "like bubblegum blown just to the point of popping" as the volumes swell up top.

Where the orbs unite, the perforations become more densely packed, forming structural integrity.

"As they come together at seams and make their way to the ground, they find alignment as linear stripes," the studio explained.

Due to perforations, sunlight is filtered in geometric patterns and its creates funny shadows under the "cloudy" shelter.

Seating areas are situated right at the baseline of the Pillar's legs, revealing to the sitting visitors contrasting hues of pink and blue.

Pillar of Dreams measures seven meters wide and 13 meters deep, and provide plenty of space to hide from sun or for kids to play around the "clouds".
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