Change the way you sit

How convenient would it be to pull out a chair in the middle of a long countryside trip or during a summer festival?
2 July, 2020
Wouldn't it be even better if the chair was as light and compact as an ordinary foldable umbrella? Aren't people looking for a chair that strikes the right balance between comfort and portability? Sitpack ZEN fulfils all these criteria. The aluminium one-legged chair has been specially designed to "make portable seating convenient, awesome and easy-to-use".

Sitpack ZEN offers every outdoor enthusiast the opportunity to enjoy comfortable seating whenever they need it. The one-legged chair consists of a small hammock seat fixed to a Y-frame which is attached to an extendable leg. One of the most popular models weighs just 555g and can retract to the size of a large drinks can that easily fits in a bag's water bottle pocket.
By using only the finest materials, such as aerospace-grade aluminium and Kevlar webbing, the company has been able to build the demanding specifications and ensure the final product is of the highest quality and durability. Aluminium is truly the best material for innovative products.

While the chair may look unusual and even uncomfortable, it is in fact specially designed to improve the user's posture as well as letting them relax. Sitpack ZEN's ergonomic design is ideal for those who have a sedentary job, relieving neck and back pain and helping blood circulation.
When Nikolaj Bak, co-founder of Danish start-up Mono+Mono, the company behind the Sitpack concept, spoke to Metro back in 2014, he revealed: "It all started when I went to a concert. After standing in line for hours, the only relief to my aching back and knees at the gig were these weird 3D puzzle-like chairs and inflatable nightmares. I thought: 'Those chairs can be made smarter'. So I started looking at what people are happy to carry on them like water bottles, soda and beer cans and anything else in the size range of a standard 500ml can. My team and I set out to create a sitting device within these dimensions. The aim is to make resting possible anywhere, without the hassle of complicated constructions, and at the same time to put a tall user at the same height as their smaller friends. Many of us also suffer from sports-related injuries and have experienced pain from standing for long periods. The Sitpack ZEN helps alleviate that. What's more, you are using your balance to rest on the one-legged seat which stimulates blood flow and maintains your concentration."

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