Aluminium Renaissance

Founded in 1893, Hemmerle is a fourth-generation family-run jewellery house which is at the forefront of design. It is renowned for its dedication to craftsmanship, exceptional quality, innovative material combinations and bold creations.
26 April, 2021
Hemmerle was originally established as a goldsmiths' company specialising in medals and orders, with clients including the Bavarian Royal family. Throughout the 20th century, the family business continued to evolve to become what it is today. Hemmerle's current creative concept is to create truly contemporary works of art, which are often created from combining precious gems with unlikely materials and textures.
Image: Hemmerle
In 2016, Hemmerle created the [AL] project, where they explored the unique properties of aluminium through innovative design and craftsmanship. The unique collection of 15 pairs of earrings and a brooch are made of aluminium combined with gold or copper and are encrusted with gems, including diamonds, sapphires, aquamarines and garnets . Each piece in the collection was inspired by eclectic themes such as nature, geometry, and minimalism, to fully unlock the potential for making jewellery from aluminium. The collection was released under the name [AL], which is consonant with the designation of aluminium in the periodic table.
Image: Hemmerle
Colour plays a key role in [AL], and to demonstrate all the possibilities of metal, the brand's masters used the anodizing method — exposed aluminium to high temperatures, making the metal significantly change its colour. The resulting palette ranges from cool blue and purple to bright red and acid green, perfectly complementing the shades of the precious stones used in each of the jewellery.
Image: Hemmerle
"We have experimented and worked with aluminium for a while and have been working on the [AL] Project for the past 3 years. Aluminium is a metal with a rich history; once the most valuable and sought-after material in the world, it went on to be used in almost every aspect of human life. The material's natural strength and lightness in weight provided the perfect opportunity for us to experiment further with the metal and celebrate its past splendour," says Christian Hemmerle, head of the Hemmerle Jewellery.
Banner image: Hemmerle