Spain's New Ferrari Land

The PortAventura Resort in Spain has called its partnership to build Ferrari Land the most important project the company near Barcelona has ever launched.
19 July, 2017
Since the new amusement park opened this spring, there's been lots of excitement among visitors eager to try out Ferrari's line of luxury sports vehicles.
The new park builds on the success of Ferrari World, the giant amusement park on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. That project was the centerpiece of the 25 square kilometer island development, featuring the signature Ferrari-red roof designed with the curves of the classic race car in mind. The sporty roof was made with 200,000 square meters of aluminium – enough to make 16,750 Ferraris – and made a definitive statement about the Ferrari brand as the park quickly became a top global destination.
The company decided that the theme park's spectacular splash was worth parlaying into a new adventure. Ferrari committed at least €100m to the PortAventura project, where a 60,000 square meter park showcases the company's first foray into the hotel business, as well as the amusement park rides. The Ferrari-themed hotel was planned as a luxury five-star facility with 250 rooms, restaurants, an outdoor pool and a driving experience simulator. As with the original complex, the hotel is sleek and curved in bright Ferrari red, with the exterior impact having the overall effect of the vehicle's front grille.

For real enthusiasts eager to visit Ferrari Land, there's a Spanish-language video series featuring Julio Luzán and the Tecmolde Arts & Technology team, based in Loporzano, showing off their expertise in large-scale projects. The behind-the scenes-look at materials, welding and machining adds to the anticipation and provides an insider's experience until the gates open and visitors are welcomed. The global PGAV architectural firm that built Ferrari World is involved in the design work this time too.
Now that the site has opened, it's expected to boost the already healthy annual attendance of 4 million visitors by 25 percent, with an increase in the hotel sector as well. The PortAventura Resort is expected to draw from its traditional markets in France, the United Kingdom or Russia, but also attract guests from new countries including Germany, Italy, and the Benelux and Scandinavian nations.

They'll be dazzled by the tallest vertical accelerator ride in Europe at 112 meters high, with speeds of 0 to 180 kilometers per hour in just five seconds on an 880 meter track. Bounce-back towers that launch passengers in two directions stand more than 55 meters high, while a family racetrack – this is a Ferrari park, of course – offers fun and excitement along its 570 meters of track too.
In a nod to Ferrari's Italian heritage, the PortAventura Resort re-creates the Italian villas and trattorias of Enzo Ferrari, and the architects aren't shy about it.

The facades reflect major landmarks including the Coliseum in Rome, La Scala and the Campanile of San Marco. The shops offer exclusive Ferrari brand products in a building that's inspired by the real factory owned by the Ferrari founder.
Image: Marca
Ferrari's corporate office said they've been asked a number of times to build a Ferrari park for Europe that's along the full-immersion lines of the Abu Dhabi experience. The company said they decided on Spain because of Ferrari's brand strength there, adding that the park will be the only one in Europe. There's also an agreement to build a Ferrari theme park in China, with talk of a North American site in the works.
Banner image: Musement