Silver Fast: A Distinctive Yacht

Built by Espen Øino, this all-aluminium yacht claims to be the world's largest and fastest.
29 March, 2017
There's a saying at this world-famous yacht designer that "any intelligent fool" can build things that are bigger, more complex and more violent.
But "it takes a touch of genius, and a lot of courage, to move in the opposite direction."

That quote by E.F. Schumacher is the philosophy behind the Silver Fast, a 77-meters-long luxury yacht recently on display at the Dubai International Boat Show. The Silver Fast is the fourth in the Espen Øino Silver series, and by far the most eco-friendly and fuel efficient in the signature all-metal fleet.

When the company launched Silver Fast, they took it for a spin from Australia to Europe with just one fuel stop – but for all the lightweight aluminium and design features, there's no sacrifice on amenities and experience, as one might well expect aboard a €79.5million (USD$90 million) luxury yacht.
Guido Krass, the German owner of SilverYachts, took an unconventional approach from the beginning. He wanted to design slim, lightweight yachts – this one has been described as being like an arrow – with a higher length-to-beam ratio than is generally engineered. This would allow the yacht to travel at high speeds while navigating challenging sea conditions, but it would first have to prove itself to the market.

So, as Nick Burnham notes for Boat International, he bought a shipyard first and then built a boat before having a buyer. It worked, and the Silver series moved full speed ahead. This latest iteration relies on an aluminium hull and all-aluminium superstructure frame, resulting in a 952 gross tonnage vessel with powerful main engines, generators, thrusters and stabilizer systems that allow for a smooth cruising speed of 25 knots.
On the gleaming sundecks, there's a forward dining area, lounge, bar and jacuzzi. The separate master deck includes the owner's suite, salon and other features within an equally elegant interior design.

The owner's quarters include a lounge within the apartment, and a large private deck. There are three VIP guest suites, all with double accommodations, and another double guest cabin; the yacht adds three twin guest cabins, two of them with a pullman option. The Silver Fast theme is reflected in the metal paneling and staircases, paired with natural wood beams, and marble floors and décor touches.
The main deck showcases a fully appointed media center, with a wall-sized screen and seating for about 20 people, while the yacht features libraries, office corners, a hair salon and more in other rooms and spaces. In addition to the living quarters below deck, there's a full dining room and complete wine cellar.

For the crew, there's a captain's cabin with additional space for six crew members in twin berths, and another five in single berth units. All told, the yacht is an attractive and elegant space for owner, guests and crew alike. That includes touches like the tender/waverunner garage and the "wintergarden" on the deck – all wrapped up in the signature silver paint of the Silver Fast model.
Krass says the design philosophy was to keep it simple, but there's always room for one more feature: In this case, a Mercedes Benz parked on the helicopter landing pad. The two companies joined forces for the launch of the 2016 S-Class Cabriolet, and in the promotional videos created in Monaco the car is perched atop the SilverFast as it plows ahead on another adventure.
Banner image: Burgess Yacht