Indian's New Motorcycles: Prestige and Power

The new Chieftain Elite is available in a hand-painted limited edition.
12 April, 2017
Indian, one of the most respected brands in the motorcycle world, has unveiled a limited edition of its 2017 Chieftain Elite in a hand-painted red.
The American company promises just 350 of the motorcycles will be produced, each slightly different because no two of the individual paint jobs – a process that takes more than 25 hours to complete – will be the same.

Each of these Chieftain Elites will receive the 12-layer treatment. Yet for as impressive as the Fireglow Red Candy look is on the road, it's the performance that Indian is known for. The limited edition models aren't just built for show: the solid Chieftain relies on a cast aluminium frame, and billet driver and passenger floorboards, to ensure there's safety and substance to a ride that weighs in at 392 kilograms when the 20.8-liter tank is full.
The overall height of the bike is just under 1.5 meters; the overall length of the bike runs 2.5 meters, with a wheelbase of 1.7 meters. At the front is a new style element meant to serve as the Chieftain Elite signature: It's a 10-spoke cast wheel measuring 0.48 meters that's a little larger than on other Indian models, and appears larger still because of its contrast-cut design. The front wheel is clearly shown off by a flared and "sawed off" front fender that's reminiscent of Indian models in the 1920s and 1930s.

"Our goal was to evolve the award-winning Chieftain platform with new models that elevated the overall style of this bike significantly, while still staying true to the signature design qualities that Indian Motorcycle is known for," said Reid Wilson, Director of Marketing for Indian Motorcycle.
A second design change is related to the first. Since the dual four-piston front brake calipers are made visible with the new front wheel configuration, they carry the simple but elegant Indian logo on them. The chassis includes single 300mm floating rotor, two-piston caliper brakes for the 41 centimeter rear wheel – Dunlop makes both tires – along with a split dual exhaust with crossover system.
The Chieftain Elite is equipped with a Thunder Stroke® 111 engine, which is also used on the Chieftain Limited model. The powerful, closed-loop fuel injection engine delivers a torque of 161.6 Nm that peaks at 3000 rpm, although Indian offers a performance package that's designed to add 13 percent more horsepower and at least 7 percent more torque. The drive train relies on a wet clutch six-gear drive.

The Chieftain Elite comes with state-of-the-art features that include LED lighting and 15 indicators. They work alongside monitoring instruments that include analog speedometer and tachometer, fuel gauge, and odometer.
Images: Tapatalk
The Indian Ride Command™ system includes an 18-centimeter touchscreen loaded with dual trip meters to monitor kilometers, fuel economy and more, along with standard running vehicle data on speed, RPMs and gear position. There's time and temperature, map and navigation systems, Bluetooth connectivity for phone or headset, and audio information display. The limited edition motorcycles comes with a 100-watt audio system at the dashboard, and adds a pair of 100-watt saddlebag speakers. Other premium features on the Elite include a keyless ignition system and a power-adjusted windscreen.

The MSRP for the motorcycle stands at USD$31,499, but enthusiasts who want to customize their accessories have plenty of options that go beyond the hand-painted red with marbling that sets this limited edition Chieftain apart from the rest.
Banner image: Scoopenest