Flör: A Garden in a Beverage Bottle

French entrepreneurs turned to sustainable aluminium for their new floral fruit beverages.
4 May, 2017
Cherry blossom, elderflower and hibiscus don't usually come in bottles, but there's a garden in every new Flör beverage.
The fresh floral products, introduced by French entrepreneurs Vincent and Franck Chambonnier, capture the natural benefits in a line of premium health drinks.

Hibiscus, already available in France's health food and specialty stores, combines the sweetness of the flower with agave in a drink that celebrates the flavors of West Africa. Flör based its concoction on the hibiscus used in Senegal, Guinea and Mali, where it is integrated into the dishes and diet. The slightly acidic, bubbly fruit drink touts a host of benefits for an upscale, health-conscious and discerning market.
The Chambonniers wanted to be just as discriminating about their packaging as they are with the flavors and ingredients, so naturally they turned to sleek aluminium bottles for the perfect brand presentation. Working with Ardagh, they came up with packaging designed to seem as natural as its fruity contents.

"The shaped aluminium bottle has proved to be the ideal solution for our new brand," said Vincent Chambonnier. "It is appealing to our target audience not only because of the very distinctive design that perfectly illustrates the provenance of our product, but also conveys our commitment to sustainably produced content and packaging."
With so much emphasis on the purity of the flowers and fruits, Flör wanted to make sure that the bottles were infinitely recyclable too – a boost to the brand as well as a benefit to the environment.

The color and the tapered shape of the aluminium bottles connect with target market consumers, but at the same time they create some production advantages for the Chambonnier team. By using these bottles, Flör drinks also can be filled on a standard bottling line and use standard screw-top closures so that customers can reclose the beverage as needed. The bottles are made in Beaurepaire, France.
Yet the real reason for choosing the aluminium is to protect the high-quality contents inside the bottle. Flör is following in the footsteps of Coca-Cola, Perrier, Anheuser Busch and other global brands who have trusted their valuable beverage products to aluminium and reaped the benefits with customers.

Aluminium excels at keeping light from damaging the contents, which is especially important for Flör because of the delicate nature of their ingredients and the sparkling blend. The bottles also protect flavor and freshness without altering it, and are light and unbreakable for busy consumers on the go.

That durability and light weight is a plus for the company too, because the bottles aren't as heavy to ship as glass and they're less fragile during manufacturing and transportation. In the marketplace, aluminium products are more widely recycled than their glass or plastic container counterparts, so the choice of the stylized bottles also will help ensure that they're more likely to be recycled after use.
That's important to the customers Flör seeks to engage. The striking red bottle with its matching cap carries an elegant graphic of the hibiscus on it – another advantage of aluminium materials, which can be used as an artistic canvas.

Yet the visual presentation is a reminder of the natural, holistic approach that relies on hibiscus and the next-generation Flör flavors, while it completes the experience for eco-aware and health conscious consumers enjoying the beverage.
Banner image: Flör Drinks