Fixing Flats is a Thing of the Past

Ever Tires on aluminium rims make bicycle rides flat-free and worry-proof.
31 March, 2017
The unexpected flat tire is a frustration for every cyclist, whether it happens on the urban bike commute or the family-friendly weekend ride with the kids.
Those flats can be more than just discouraging to a cycling enthusiast's healthy and ecofriendly lifestyle. According to Digital Trends, there are 1.3 billion bicycle tires tossed onto the trash pile each year because they've become cracked or punctured in use.

Flats become a problem for many riders who, although they enjoy their bicycles, don't really know what to do about the unexpected flat-tire incident. That's why Nexo North America developed the Ever Tire, along with its Nexo Tire counterpart, to free bicyclists from both the flats they fear – and the air that causes them. Nexo products aren't inflated with air, and the company says they're good for a solid 8,000 kilometers of use. That's roughly the distance from Washington DC to San Francisco and back again.
The Ever Tire model is designed as a complete wheel unit, an easy replacement for both tire and rim that's meant to install and then forget about. The rims are all aluminium to ensure light weights, while the spokes are made of stainless steel to prevent rust. The rims support the Ever model tire, which is made of a patented polymer blend that the Nexo team took six years to develop.

The tires themselves weigh about 0.5 kilograms, so they're a tad heavier than a standard air-filled bicycle tire, which is offset by the lightweight aluminium rim. The engineers designed Ever Tires with a series of holes in them for improved control as well as durability.
Nexo notes that because these tires are made with the single polymer blend, they're also easier to produce and each one can be made in just 30 minutes. The process avoids the chemicals and high heat processes that make the production of conventional rubber tires less efficient and environmentally friendly. The aluminium in the rims that come with the flat-proof Ever Tire also is recyclable material.

For those who don't want the rims, Nexo offers the same product designed to fit on your existing bicycle wheels. That's an important option for more serious bicycling enthusiasts, who are more discriminating about the performance and the profile of their rides, but it's also attractive to people who are looking for a less expensive Nexo option they can install on their existing rims without investing in the new ones.
The tires will let you roll right over glass, nails or thorns without puncture, but they're not for everyone.
"While you can put our tires on any bike these tires are not for the elitist," the company explains. "Avid mountain bikers or those looking for added cushion may find that while these tires are great at avoiding flats they are still not as soft as an air filled tire."

The tires will ride a little stiffer than air-filled bicycle tires normally do, and rainy or wet conditions mean a rider needs to slow down a bit, especially in turns.
Nexo Tire Image: iF World Design Guide
Both the Nexo and Ever Tire models are available in youth, road and off-road styles. Nexo North America says it is now working on producing the tires in different colors to add more splash to the cycling experience.
Banner image: Hi Consumption